Rental Agreement

The ESCC does not and shall not discriminate rental because of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

Renter agrees to follow the stated non-discrimination policies of the ESCC in the pursuit of their event or activities on the premises.

Renter must be eighteen (18) years of age to make a reservation.

Reservation request is considered submitted when the completed rental reservation form, a deposit amount equal to 50% of the rental fees due, and a cleaning deposit/cleaning fee are returned to the ESCC. A credit card number is held on file in case of incurred cleaning expenses. The renter will be notified of the approval and booking of the rental by the ESCC.

Final payments:

  • Standard Reservation - Final payment is due no later than two weeks prior to the rental start date.
  • Late Reservation - If a reservation is made less than two weeks in advance, full payment is due at time of booking.
  • Special Reservation - If special circumstances apply to a renter, then the final payment due date will be noted as an addendum to the rental contract and must be followed as outlined in said addendum. Any payment terms or due dates, including final payments, that are outlined in the addendum supersede any standard payments as outlined herein.

Cancellation of rental less than 14 (fourteen) days of the event will result in forfeit of rental fees.

Renter, whose name and signature appear on the contract, will be the main contact person and must be on-site or in attendance of the event, and be available for contact.

If children or teens (minors) are present as guests at an event, the renter shall be responsible for providing adequate adult supervision and providing an appropriate ratio of adults to minors, always.

Renter, whose name and signature appear on the contract, shall be the responsible party and shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the ESCC property caused by an attendee to the extent of paying the necessary cost and expenses needed to replace or repair damaged items.

Renter, guests, caterer, or part of the renting party will not be allowed in any space (including outdoor) until entry time stated in the contract. It is the renter’s responsibility to notify any 3rd party vendors of this policy.

Renter agrees to abide by the room capacity restrictions made by the Eureka Springs Fire Marshall. Any guests or parties that are above posted capacity restrictions are subject to ejection by the ESCC or authorities of the local police or fire departments. If capacity restrictions are violated, the renter shall not receive any refund of any rental fees and cleaning deposits collected by the ESCC.

Under all circumstances, the ESCC’s liability is limited to the reasonable use and proper care of the facility by the renter and the renter’s guests during the rental period. In no case, shall the ESCC be liable for any damages or harm that are caused to the renter, renter’s guests, or any property brought on site by renter or renter’s guests if the facility is modified by the renter, renter’s guest, property brought on site, or in any other way than it is rented from the ESCC.

Groups who publicly announce their meetings or events by purchasing advertising, widely distributing, or mailing information to the public must clearly state the person or group sponsoring the event. Renters should not imply, directly or indirectly, endorsement for their event on the part of ESCC or its staff.

All banners and advertisements that renter desires to be placed upon the premises must be submitted to the ESCC for review and approval of size and content no later than two weeks prior to an event. Renter agrees to follow ESCC staff directions regarding placement of any approved banners or advertisements.

Space cannot be rented for retail purposes without prior authorization of the Eureka Springs Community Center Foundation Board.

Prior approval must be given before the booking if the renter is planning on bringing any living animal or insects into any of the buildings. This provision does not apply to service animals.

Renter and guests may use the guest WiFi network provided as a courtesy by the ESCC at no additional fee and with no guarantee of service.

The Eureka Springs Community Center (ESCC) is not responsible for unattended or damaged items left in facility or on the grounds.

Any equipment brought in cannot be left on the grounds before time designated in the contract and must be removed immediately after the event has occurred by the time designated in the contract.

Other than restrooms and other public spaces that are open for service or usage during the rental, renter and their guests should remain in the rented area assigned to them.

Alcohol may be brought on campus but requires renter liability insurance.

The ESCC is a tobacco free campus. Smoking and the use of any tobacco products in any form, as well as the use of e-cigarettes, are strictly prohibited anywhere inside the facilities and on the grounds.

All decorations are limited to tabletop and freestanding items only.  Bubbles can be used outside only. Decorations may not include glitter, confetti, sand, smoke machines, or anything that will cause damage or excessive cleaning.

The renter's credit card # will be kept on file to cover any cleaning expenses that may incur. A fee of up to $250 will be assessed if there is any damage or cleaning needs not taken care of satisfactorily.

Failure to comply with these policies will result in denial of any future use of the ESCC rental rooms or outdoor spaces.

At all times, renter and participants must be “good neighbors” to businesses and residents bordering the ESCC property.

The ESCC bears no liability for any damages or responsibility for any legal actions, which may arise from the actions of a guest, a renter, or a partner association.  Should any legal action arise from the behavior or actions of a guest, a renter, or a partner association, then the guest, renter, or partner association shall be responsible for any and all legal fees that requirement payment to resolve the matter, including but not limited to, any fees or judgments which may be borne in resolution of the matter.

Space Rental Terms Specific to Outdoor Areas

Grills may be used but not within 20 feet of any structures. No coals can be left behind, and a garden hose attached to an outdoor spigot must be within 5 feet of the grill while in use.

Parking or driving on the grass is strictly prohibited.  Renter will be required to pay for any damages caused by guests who drive on grass areas or property.

A renter who anticipates more than 100 people in attendance must rent adequate portable toilets and hand washing facilities.

10’x10’ tents are allowed. The ESCC Foundation must approve larger tents.

Fireworks and bonfires are prohibited.

Pets must be leashed. Owner or renter must pick up after pet.

Renter must place all trash in provided containers prior to vacating the premises. One 30-gallon trash can will be provided.  If more than one 30-gallon trash can is used for event, renter must arrange for other receptacles and trash pickup.

Renter must comply with all city ordinances including sound levels, food truck licenses, or any other licenses and permits required for equipment or events when occupying the ESCC outdoor spaces.

Renter always agrees to allow access to 20 designated parking spaces reserved for ESCC members, Chamber of Commerce, and staff usage.


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