Rental Fees

The Eureka Springs Community Center (ESCC) structures its fees based on whether the renter represents a non-profit or a for profit organization or business.

Fees vary based on the type of activity or event taking place. Fees are determined at the discretion of the Activities Director.

The Eureka Springs Community Center makes every effort to supply the renter with adequate tables and chairs for their use. However, our supply of both is limited.

The Center rents 6' folding tables to community members for a fee determined by the Activities Director and the availability of tables.

Rental Fees

Deposit (non-refundable) $100 $30 $40 $50 $50
Cleaning Fee $150/$250 $50/$100 $75/$150 $50 NA
Hourly Rate $150 $50 $100 $75 $75

Rental Spaces

Explore our indoor and outdoor rental spaces

Rental Form

Download the pdf of the rental reservation form

Rental Terms

Rental Terms and Agreement

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