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Putting Your Generosity to Work!

The Eureka Springs Community Center and its mission is worthy of your support. It is an investment in Eureka's physical, social, recreational, and educational growth; its beneficiaries are young and old, a population as diverse and inclusive as the city itself. You make the Eureka Springs Community Center work through your generosity. Please help us through giving; the reward is yours.

For Fitness and Fun in the Center
Smith Machine - $2,000
Dumbbell Rack - $1,000
Tumbling Mats - $800

Great Additions for the Community Center Trail
These important items are all on the drawing board, but our budget didn’t cover them. Can you pitch in?

  • Solar Lamp Posts (10 bollards & 10 poles) - $12,000 + $3,000 (installation) = $15,000   These dark sky compliant lights will be strategically positioned to offer safety lighting. This eco-friendly addition will make the trail welcoming day and night, thus encouraging greater use.
  • Benches - 4 x $750 = $3,000   Benches gives walkers the opportunity to pause to enjoy their surroundings. Parents can watch their children play. People beginning a fitness or rehabilitation programs can walk the loop knowing that they can frequently rest. The benches will be wood, staying cool in the sun and reflecting their natural surroundings.
  • Water Bottle Filling Station - $2,000   Powder-coated exterior over a corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The Center encourages walkers to hydrate and to use reusable water bottles. It is superior to water fountains because of the concern of germ transmission, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment Package - $5,000   Heavy ropes, bench, gymnastic rings, ab slings. This tamper-proof unit offers everything needed for strength training using one’s own body weight. It provides an excellent resource for residents emerging from their homes and wanting to take the first steps towards fitness.

The outstanding features of this entire trail package is that access to the Eureka Springs Community Trail is free to the public, every day, throughout the year. Community Center staff and volunteers maintain and improve the trail.

The Eureka Springs Community Center Foundation is a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax-deductible.


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