Introduction to Chado: the Way of Japanese Tea – How to Be a Guest

illustration of japanese tea cup and tea pot

Today’s Topic: How to Be a Guest. You will learn how to walk on traditional Japanese flooring, etiquette when attending a Japanese tea gathering, and vocabulary of utensils used and how they are used as a guest.  Seasonality will also be discussed. Materials will be provided by the instructor. Maximum number of students is 20.

This is the first lecture in a three-part series exploring The Way of Japanese Tea. These classes can stand alone as workshops as well. Students do not need to attend all three lectures although each one explores a different aspect of the Japanese Tea culture. Jennifer Huffman‘s cultural lectures will detail the subtleties behind Japan’s elusive tea culture. This course will encompass Japan and its tea’s historical connotations, etiquette, and the practices relegated to the seasonality of sweets, floral arranging, and importance of utensils and other simple yet vital aspects of the Japanese Tea Ceremony and its impact on Japanese culture.

This event is a three-class series that may continue after the series ends, depending on interest and attendance. If there are specific requirements, they will be listed with the class description.

Instructor: Jennifer Huffman

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Dec 07 2022


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Community Meeting Room
44 Kingshighway, Eureka Springs, AR 72632
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