Rental Accessories

The Eureka Springs Community Center (ESCC) has items available for short-term rental. The ESCC staff will set up and take down equipment, which is included in the fee.

Groups and organizations using the meeting rooms at the Community Center on a weekly or monthly basis and require any of the equipment below (except the 10’ x 10’ tent) may, in lieu of a per meeting charge, make a $100 annual usage fee payment to the ESCC. If two or more groups are sponsoring the regularly scheduled weekly or monthly event, they can divide the $100 charge in whatever way they choose. The $100 usage fee applies only to regularly scheduled meetings; special events sponsored by these organizations are subject to the rental fees listed below if they require any of the listed items.

The Gazebo Tent charge is required for each use.

All items are limited in quantity and are subject to availability on a first come, first served basis.

Items Available for Rent

DLP Projector ViewSonic PA503W 1 $20
Projection Screen 120" Diagonal Screen 1 $10
Television 43" Smart 1 $15
Gazebo Tent 10'x10' White Canvas 1 $45
Portable Powered Speaker w/ Wireless Mic/USB/Bluetooth 10" Rockville 1 $15
PA - Large - 1 $20
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