The Eureka Springs Community Center Foundation Board is thoroughly committed to a two-tiered approach to sustainability. First is the preservational and environmental component. Our vision requires that we maintain the past while building the future. This includes repurposing old structures, redefining spaces, utilizing renovation and restoration whenever and wherever possible. The Eureka Springs community is defined by this approach to sustainability, and our efforts to create a vibrant space to gather and to grow has and will continue to reflect this mantra.

Economic sustainability is, of course, an absolute necessity for the Eureka Springs Community Center. This is a community project, but it is a non-profit enterprise, and there is no tax money to act as a safety net. Consequently, any sustainable economic foundation plan must include maintenance, development and growth. To that end, the board has repurposed the previous middle school classroom space into a mid-century modern office park. The rental from these spaces combined with membership fees and class fees is to be used for maintenance, personnel, and program creation. The development and growth of our project will continue to be dependent on grants, donations, civic collaborations, sponsorships, major fundraisers, and corporate and personal endowments. This is part of our partnership with Eureka Springs. Fiscal accountability, precise planning, and targeted spending are the focus of our board. The public trust is the framework for the present and for the future.

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